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The challenge is to create a piece of jewelry highlighting the most innovative,
fun, and unique bezel set Cultured Opals directly in Metal Clay.


What we are looking for:

  • Innovative, functional, and balanced design with a high degree of excitement.

  • Unique use of Metal Clay gem setting.

  • Bezel Craftsmanship must be impeccable. ­­— No cracks, gem haze, visible imperfections, or distortion.

  • The photography must highlight the beauty and sparkle of the gem you are using.

May 31

3rd Annual Fire in Place
Cultured Opal Challenge

healing Phoenix Lapidary Fine in Place Opal Challenge

How to enter:

  1. All entries must be submitted to the Metal Clay and Mixed Media
    Facebook forum in an original post on Wed., May 31 by the end of the day.

  2. This is a learning opportunity, so tell us about your piece.

  3. Tag @Christopher Gage (, so he can see
    and share your entry with his followers.

  4. Hashtag: #HealingPhoenixLapidaryFIPOpalContest when posting.

One winner receives:

  • Notification on June 5th

  • ALL of the Opals and prizes valued at $175!!

  • Their artwork will be displayed on the Metal Clay and Mixed Media Forum for 30 days and in Social Media blasts.


Holly and Chris Gage, and Loretta Hackman

Gift Sponsors:
Chris Gage of Healing Phoenix Lapidary, where you can get the Fire in Place (FIP) Cultured Opals.
Loretta Hackman Designs, Art Clay Instructor and designer at

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