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Molding a Scar

  1. Make a Purchase on the "Shop Warrior Scar Jewelry" page.
    Fill out the custom order form and submit electronically or print and mail it in.

  2. A Warrior Scar Jewelry Molding kit will arrive in the mail; you will get a container with a 2-part molding compound and information about Molding Your Scar. You will follow the directions enclosed and send the mold of the scar you make, as well as the container it came in back to me. (I recycle the containers to help reduce my carbon footprint.)
    The estimated time of your finished piece is 6 - 8 weeks unless other arrangements are made.
    Changes to the design may delay delivery.

  3. You will approve all work in a "working" stage called greenware via pictures sent to your e-mail. Any changes and alterations would be made at that time. Minor alterations are at no charge and should be based on the original design. Alterations beyond the original design may incur additional charges discussed "prior" to beginning any changes and upon your approval of the design.

  4. Once your piece is approved and finished, it will be mailed to you.

long warrior scar pendant  with sapphire gem
Long warrior scar pendant back with desciption

Cancellations of orders must take place prior to work beginning. There is a no refund policy since this is a custom order. If you are unsatisfied, we will be happy to fix the problem.
Upon your approval and finalizing the purchase, you understand these policies and agree
with the prices indicated.



Pricing can be found on the Shop Warrior Scar Jewelry page or upon request when you fill out the Warrior Scar Custom Orders page. Additional costs are considered if you would like a hand-cut stone added or a chain, for example. You will be given a full-price quote before work is begun.


Simply mix equal amounts of the yellow and white putty together by hand until a uniform color is achieved.

Then roll it over the item to be molded.

Amazing Mold Putty will cure to a flexible rubber in less than 20 minutes and will reproduce the exact detail of the original piece.

Mold a scar to make your silver scar jewelry

More about Amazing Mold Putty

Here are a few hints:

  • Pick an area to mold having an interesting variation.

  • Never mold an open wound.

  • You should mold an area slightly larger than the scar itself. There is enough in the container to make 1 or 2 molds.

  • Remember I am working Jewelry Size, so think if you want the whole scar or a portion of the scar. The pendant will be close to actual size, but there is some shrinkage in the process between 15 - 20%

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