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Thank you for providing a healing experience for a Burn or Trauma Survivor by allowing them to attend the Warrior Scar Jewelry Workshop at no cost for them. The Healing Phoenix Arts Program offers a Post Traumatic Growth experience like no other where art is used as a healing modality helping survivors gain new perspectives, possibilities, and ideas, realizing they are a strong survivor with great potential.

Full Scholarships for Warrior Scar Jewelry Workshop

  • Chris and Holly have a goal to reduce or eliminate the cost of the workshop for attendees. They have personally contributed and collected contributions of tools and equipment from others, however, there are costs and consumable items that need to be replaced with every new workshop.

    Our Warrior Scar Jewelry Wishlist is a request for supplies. We have been fortunate to have had this list fulfilled in the past with the help of others.  We are also accepting financial contributions to offer Full Workshop Scholarships for the workshop fee.

    Signing up for the workshop makes you automatically eligible for a Full Workshop Scholarship and/or eliminating or reducing the cost of supplies.

    On September 29th, we will tally supply contributions and will pass those on to you. Scholarship Awards will be selected in a blind drawing, and we will contact you. Three scholarships have already been donated!

    Does this mean you should hold off on registration? Absolutely NOT!
    Spaces are limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis.